Presidents Day: Five Presidents who Visited NYC's Financial District

In honor of Presidents Day, TheStreet recognizes a few presidents who spent time in New York City's Financial District. George Washington conducted pre-Revolution meetings at Fraunces Tavern, still-standing on 54 Pearl Street. After he became President, Washington took the oath of office at Federal Hall on 26 Wall Street, where a statue commemorating the unprecedented moment stands today. When Thomas Jefferson moved to New York in 1790, he rented a house at 57 Maiden Lane, and the historic location is memorialized by a plaque on the current structure. Franklin D. Roosevelt became a junior clerk in 1907 with the still-operating firm of Carter, Ledyard and Milburn on 2 Wall Street. FDR later worked at the old NY Chamber of Commerce building at 67 Liberty Street before
running for president. In 1985, Ronald Reagan was the first sitting president visit to the New York Stock Exchange, proclaiming, “We’re going to turn that bull loose.” In 2014, President Barack Obama made a dedication and officially opened the National September 11 Memorial Museum. "Nothing can ever break us; nothing can change who we are as Americans, " Obama’s words rang out patriotically.